Your organisation.
Your talent.
Your opportunities.
Our tailored approach.

Your organisation is a unique combination of people, challenges
and opportunities. It has unique HR-needs. We respond with a
unique approach. Fully customised.

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By investing in an understanding of your organisation, including your current situation, needs and aspirations, Talenta Futura is able to offer you precise insights, advice, expertise and the approach you need to achieve and succeed in your talent management challenges.

With decades of experience, Talenta Futura takes on the responsibility of not only building on your strong foundations, but also fostering the flexibility and agility you need to actively navigate the evolving world of HR.

About us

Talenta Futura offers highly tailored talent management advice and services. Our extensive experience and the strong network of specialists with whom we work allow us to customise our approach to your exact needs and specific situation.

Responding to the changing world requires any organisation to be in constant flux. This means that as a leader, as a HR professional, you simultaneously address external influences, internal shifts or disruptions that alter your organisation’s collective needs, and the changing expectations of your workforce. In this context, Talenta Futura partners with you to identify and leverage the talents and dynamics of your organisation, making you better prepared for the future and the challenges it brings.


Talenta Futura uses its experience and expertise to offer highly tailored talent management services, consultation and advice to our client organisations.


Talenta Futura sees your organisation as unique. Your staff members as unique. Your challenges as unique. And so we commit to creating solutions that are tailored to your specific situation, needs and expectations. We are committed to guiding and advising you in the co-creation of a dynamic environment and powerful teams that embrace agility and inclusion to respond to an ever-changing world.

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Founder Lieve Van Molle

Lieve Van Molle has over 25 years of experience and expertise in talent management and HR consultancy. She focused on supporting a diverse client portfolio, ranging from local to international organisations in the public, private and third sectors. These include small and large EU agencies across Europe, and institutions like the European Commission, Council of the EU and European Parliament.

Lieve Van Molle combines extensive experience in designing and implementing high-stake talent-management strategies and projects, with assignments in which she serves as a trusted advisor to leaders, HR and stakeholders. Lieve Van Molle is driven by a passion for the human factor in change and transformation, addressing the HR challenges of her clients from concept to implementation.

A little history

The word ‘talent’ is derived from the Greek word ‘talanton’. In ancient Greece a talanton symbolised the weight a person could carry by themselves. Since the Bronze Age, it has referred to a standard, 30 kg copper weight cast in the shape of a calfskin and used in international trade.

We have used this shape as a source of inspiration for the Talenta Futura logo.

In Medieval Latin the word talent started to denote a natural ability, and is used as such in many languages today. Our name, Talenta Futura refers to the unique talents every person has, and can further develop. The shape of our logo symbolises the connection and support Talenta Futura stands for.

History explaination


Consultancy services

We act as your sparring partner, complementing your internal expertise or serving as an extension to your team. This ensures you have external expertise when it is needed. Rely on Talenta Futura for:

  • Talent Management: development, implementation,
    review and revision of Talent Management processes,
    practices and strategies.
  • External HR review and audit services.
  • Guidance and support in HR transformation processes.
  • Setup and implementation of HR projects in a
    variety of domains:

Talent attraction

Talent assessment and selection


Employee engagement

Competency management

Diversity and Inclusion

Talent and leadership development

Career management

Internal mobility

Succession management

Retention management.

Specific assignments and projects

Talenta Futura puts expertise and experience at your service to ensure dynamic execution of specific assignments of any size. The services we most commonly provide to HR and executive teams include:

  • Talent identification, assessment and selection
    for internal and external talent:

Conduct selection interviews

Assess and select candidates for executive role

Act as external expert/advisor in selection panels

Advise and train selection panels/hiring
managers in selection techniques

Design selection processes/campaigns

  • Talent and leadership development:

Coaching, including executive, leadership,
career and performance coaching, as well
as for onboarding and internal mobility

360° feedback debriefing

Personal development planning

Advising leadership teams

  • Talent reviews.
  • Performance reviews.

We are happy to work on site in person, remotely or digitally.
Our services are available in English, French and Dutch.

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Our approach

Tailored to your organisation

Talenta Futura takes a highly tailored approach to every client. This is only achievable by listening, understanding and working in a close cooperation with all stakeholders that is defined by trust and open communication.

Our knowledge. Your gain.

By working closely with you, Talenta Futura transfers knowledge and expertise. You implement the approaches and solutions we develop with you optimising them as your environment and needs change over time.

Partnering with you

You and your staff have invaluable insight. You know your organisation, your situation and what you hope to achieve. This is why we call your talents into play whenever possible. We complement your team in a genuine partnership.

Embedded in your processes

Our approach also links our solutions with your systems and processes in your environment. And, as organisational strategies, policies, and a myriad of other factors may influence or disrupt your future, we offer you solutions that give you the flexibility and agility to respond quickly and appropriately.

Our network

Talenta Futura values experience, expertise and understanding. We work with a strong network of experts and specialists who provide tailored advice and deliver projects and services in their areas of expertise. And when we believe your organisation’s situation, culture, needs or challenges are better matched by their specific insights or experience, we will discuss involving them with you. Our goal is always to see your needs met and challenges overcome.

In every case, we complement the talent you already have in house, ensuring all relevant knowledge bases are properly covered rather than unnecessarily replicated.

All experts with whom we work share our values and commitment to quality and professionalism.